1. Contract Drafting
    When dealing with contracts, one word can change everything. CE has licensed attorneys with significant contractual experience to ensure our clients are protected. Agents who aren't licensed attorneys, by law, cannot draft contracts & you should be careful in your dealings with them.
  2. Negotiations
    At CE, we pride ourselves in obtaining maximum dollar for our clients while maintaining healthy relationships so as not to destroy future dealings. Our preparations set us apart from the competition and our creativity allows us to wrap up negotiations that have come to a standstill.
  3. Marketing
    In addition to your employment contract, CE works around the clock to maximize our clients' earnings by arranging opportunities such as endorsements, appearances, speaking engagements, autograph signings, and more.
  4. Public Relations
    CE focuses on building our client's brand utilizing social media, the internet, & public appearances to maximize marketing opportunities. We encourage community interaction & charitable involvement to benefit the community while establishing our clients as exemplary role models.
  5. Job Placement
    We constantly monitor job openings for our clients in their respective fields through inside sources. When our clients show interest, we open lines of communication with the appropriate people for maximum exposure. We strive to be one step ahead of everyone else in the process.
  6. Career Portfolio
    We provide our clients with resume editing, coach's books, program plans, & more to provide a distinct advantage over other potential candidates. This helps our clients look more professional than the rest of the field & ensures that they will stand out during the process.
  7. Post-Career Plans
    Because opportunities in athletics can disappear overnight, we help our clients to leverage their current situations to set themselves and their families up for the future. It is never too early to begin thinking about your next step and there is no better launching pad than the world of sports.
  8. Interview Prep
    When a client gets to the interview process, we run them through questions, situations, & a plan of attack to help them successfully navigate the process. Our familiarity with ADs & search firms helps us place our clients at a steep advantage before they have stepped foot into the interview.
  9. Referral Network
    For those services which our company does not currently provide, we have a referral network of professionals who we put through a serious vetting process to determine their quality & integrity. We'll never include someone as part of our network who we do not have a trusting relationship with.
  10. Spiritual Guidance
    Through every service listed on this page, we integrate a Biblical worldview into how we approach each task. We provide spiritual encouragement and advice to our clients and consistently remind them of their purpose and the potential impact that they can have through the influential world of sports.